Monday, October 10, 2011

i move in the night: Lilu

Lilu is a male form of an incubus in mythology. This is the second had of the illustration depicting an incubus and his sleeping victim (previously posted). This sketch is intended to merge with the other in the final so that he will be hovering over the female figure.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I like to move in the night

Okay, so I've been getting griped at for not making use of this blogging thingamajig. So here's to me doing just that. This is a study sketch for part of an upcoming watercolor and ink.  I still have to sketch out the Incubus that will be hovering above the sleeping and unsuspecting woman. I've never really been into eroticism nor have I done anything close to it so this is completely new territory for me. But its good to challenge yourself right? I think so. This is one of the many ideas for illustrations surrounding themes of folklore, myth, and somewhat nightmarish fantasy that I've decided to do works for. Hopefully they prove to be as fun and visually intriguing to do as I've already envisioned them im my mind. Do you know how hard it is to draw a model without photos or a model? Working completely from the brain on these....its liberating but tough.