Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mellow Mushroom Jax Beach

Mural is complete! Currently piecing together the video and that will be posted shortly. Keep checking back...that will be done either tonight or sometime tomorrow.


To see detail photos and hi-res images check out www.xmadxmanx.carbonmade.com


  1. my boss up here just bought an old VW bus that he wants to be painted hippie-esque like this and park at his farm stand... we need to discuss a possible business deal!

  2. Oh? That's cool and I'm always up for it but we would have to work out the logistics as far as me getting there...travel/materials/and time would add up on a job out of state. If your boss is serious about the endeavor then forward my email/portfolio and have him get in contact with me.

  3. well see I'd just drive the bus down as to make it more accessible and so you could take your time. I do all the bookkeeping so all the bizz would be handled thru me-- he's just the guy cutting the checks. I'll be back in fl tomorrow, we can discuss it soon.

  4. Okay. Just for future reference if you have details business related I like to keep those in emails and not on public forums/blogs. These are things I'm always willing to discuss but not everyone needs to know. Know what I mean? Anyway, whenever you have the details send me an email and I'll work up a quote for you and your boss.