Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Head Case

Recently finished my "Head Case" illustration. Took about three days total to knock this one out from concept to completion. I have posted several in-process photos for the curious minds out there. Not too many artists are willing to share their process (much like a magician) but I'm a firm believer that if the end product is good then revealing the work put into it only augments just how impressive the result is. Plus I enjoy seeing artists that I look up to share their techniques and I love learning something new. 

The first four frames included show the original sketch (on tracing paper), the added border, and then into the transfer to illustration board. The following six frames include detail and progress throughout the inking process. All work was done by hand (as always unless specifically stated) and only the final was scanned into the computer. No other processes were taken.

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Mad Man

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