Friday, March 29, 2013

Augment Of Rebirth (reprise)

Ever since I've survived some stupid and potentially deadly skateboarding accident back in September I've been thinking a lot in terms of second chances. Not meaning to delve into any spiritual context here but what I'm trying to say is that it's hard to walk away from a serious account and not let it motivate you in some way. I've always been into art, it's what I've always just done; but never as heavily as I have lately. I guess you could say that I've "woken up" and realized that I can't just make art for fun occasionally because I have the ability to do so and hope that it will get me somewhere. Like I said before....this isn't a religious statement....merely a "wake up and go!" message. When you really think about it we don't have much "time" in our lives from the start and what's the biggest crime of all is wasting your time, skills, and mind. Facing the real, lean, bare bones facts and acting accordingly is all I've been doing lately. There's nothing left for me to do than get up off my ass and work hard at what I love. I'll stop when I die (as cliche' as that is to say).

So; much of my work as of late has been centered around this second chance, "awakening", or "re-birth". This is completely unintentional but I'm beginning to see a pattern.

On a somewhat related note I've also been reading up on the Mayan's understanding of cycles. There was a mess of discussions revolving around 2012 and if it was the end or not. The Mayans (as well as several other cultures and religious groups) predicted that 2013 would be a year of great change or transformation. No matter how you view it I will at least argue that it has been for me. 2013; no more wasted time and no turning back.

I decided to revamp a skate deck illustration I did last year (in hopes of doing it better). Im never satisfied with my work and I know I can always do better. I think more people should adopt a similar mindset and seek to better themselves (also become a bit more humble).

I leave you with the latest "Augment of Rebirth" color pencil on 12"x18" 60lb 400 series Strathmore Artagain paper. The original in blue but I've made red and white variants available. Available at


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