Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bring it on back

I've had a few people ask me "why are you so against digital art/printing?" I think this video alone helps sum up my reasoning. There are intricacies, delicacies, and a large amount of love and dedication to your craft to be able to produce something original and as "pure" as this. There is a certain level of intimacy involved in this process that so many have discarded over the years in order to make things quickly and easily. For so many it is not about the product or the process but about time and profits. It's depressing to see our origins in print and art and look at where we are now. I don't ever want to be thrown into the mix....become one with the pack of wolves that eat, sleep, and breathe "quantity over quality. This is everything I've ever wanted in my life. One day I will be doing this sort of thing on my own; this is my life's make beautiful illustrations, designs, and prints completely by hand and to never let the human element leave art. Machines/computers are supposed to help augment the process and the outcome.....not replace the creators thumbprint in the search of the mighty dollar. I say it's time we take back our souls, redeem art and print, and preserve it's beauty for future generations. Stop sitting behind a computer and regurgitating 1's and 0's pretending to be an artist. You sold your soul a long time ago you cold technician. Robot. John Dyre Baizley is another one of my favorite illustrators alive today (as well as singer, songwriter, and guitarist). He's immensely talented and should not be overlooked. You can see his work at Artists, designers, printers, illustrators..... Let's bring the soul back like James Brown!

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  1. Just because someone is a digital artist does not mean they don't put love and intimacy into what they do, or that they are aiming purely for profit/quantity over quality. While I prefer handmade art and agree that it has a lot of intricacies that can't be replaced by computers, I consider any artist to be a true artist regardless of his or her medium. Is a writer less of a real artist if they use a word processor instead of pen and paper? Is a photographer less of a real artist if they shoot digital instead of film? You seem to be judging the artist's intent by the medium they use, which is not necessarily the case.

    You are entitled to any opinion, and in general I agree that digital art can have its shortcuts and quick advantages. But it makes me sad and a little angry to see you accuse all digital artists of being "robots" and "pretending". Some people out there may not consider what you to do be worthy of their time, but they can't say anything about your intent and your identity as an artist.

    Please don't be so judgmental. I love you and I think, I know, that you are such a talented artist. But frankly it sounds rather pompous to put other artists down like this. I look forward to discussing this more with you, it's an interesting conversation.