Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'll take colors that end with "urple" for 500.

Just for the record; purple is one of the most difficult colors to paint with. So are iridescent metallic paints. And I love myself so much I thought that I would treat myself to attempting both in one painting.

Truth be told I do enjoy a good challenge. And I am delivering just that in this go-round.
There are shiny solid surfaces, soft textile surfaces, reflective traits, transparent materials,  as well as patterns and rough textured surfaces to come. I'm pulling all the stops these days!

The purple filigree/fabric is far from done. This is merely the base-coat. Come tomorrow I will add the iridescent gold foil over top of the fabric in a "damask" style pattern. Yes, over top of all those rolls and folds. Then once that tacks up I have to glaze the shadows and highlights over top of all of it so that the gold pattern doesn't make the surface look flat. Then I get to glaze a few highlights from the fabric reflecting onto the marble sphere in the background. Crazy? There's a reason I was given the nickname "Mad Man" you know.....just living up to it.

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