Friday, December 2, 2011

Sementis Tempore

"the sowing season"
This painting sort of manifested itself of via my subconscious.
Tuesday afternoons I usually have to join in on the conference calls at work though 90% the discussion doesn't pertain to me. Just started scribbling lines on my notepad and ended up with what became the overall flow of the final painting.
Just yesterday I decided that maybe the sketch would make a good painting...not painting ONLY what was originally drawn but embellishing upon the flow and composition.

The sphere was added right as I started sketching it on the sanded ply board. I thought marble would be a good surface material to experiment with on this one since I've never painted it before and it has a nice semi-reflective gloss to it as well as many detailed intricacies in the organic lines.

I will go more into detail on the various elements found in the painting once it is finished and I can better explain it.


  1. thank ya sir. Finished product up soon and many more to come. Hoping to get a full gallery series done within the next two months or so.

  2. Dude u are the ish that's for sure can't wait to see it completed ... Good shot bro